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nyama choma



More than just a food, nyama choma is a cultural experience. While most Kenyan cuisine is nothing to write home about, sitting down to choma affords one a real taste of the Kenyan lifestyle, as S found out on her first trip to Kisumu. Nyama choma literally translates to roast meat, though the nyama traditionally used for this Kenyan BBQ comes from goat.


Going out to choma is typically a protracted affair, as the meat is ordered by the kilo and takes so long to arrive that the patrons have ample opportunity to fill their tables with empty Tusker bottles. Accompanied by kachumbari (tomato & onion salad), ugali (a Kenyan staple made of maizemeal), and mukimu (kernels of corn mixed into potatoes mashed with peas, also known as irio), the roasted goat meat is brought straight from the spit to one’s table. Eaten family style, nyama choma is quite literally finger-licking good: one won’t find any utensils at a choma place.



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  1. That first shot was AMAZING!

    April 5, 2012

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