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dubious broadcasting

Kenya has a robust free press. Unfortunately, it is of questionable journalistic quality, as the newspapers read a bit like tabloids, and reporters frequently misquote their sources. A lot of Kenyans get their news through the radio, which reaches a wider audience than print media. Without a cord to plug in our iPods while driving, we’ve gotten a taste of several radio stations and have heard quite a number of ludicrous things. For instance, there’s Dr. Love, whose call-in show would make both Dr. Ruth and Howard Stern blush. Unfortunately, there is also a lot of thinly veiled misogyny and hatred that gets broadcast through the airwaves. For example, when we were returning from Uganda, the cabbie who drove us home from the airport was intently listening to a call-in show whose host was bent on convincing his audience that women who collect child support payments only care about the money and don’t give a damn about their kids. That said, we did find a few decent stations, the most reliable of which is Hot96. It plays a lot of old-school hip hop hits and has made D rediscover his gangsta rap roots, which he claims to have left behind in 7th grade. It also seemed the perfect music for our monster 4×4, especially before we replaced the shoddy shocks.

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