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So, brunch does exist in Nairobi! Given our love for savory breakfast foods, we are thrilled that this tradition will not go unpracticed during our time here. In fact, Nairobi has quite the food scene. We’ve tried the aforementioned Art Café and feasted on crepes at El Rustique, which does a better job of being French than the name might imply. We also keep hearing great things about the nearby River Café, where S bought herbs to plant in our garden.

Other contenders to become our regular haunts include:

  • Talisman – worth the drive to Karen; this place unfortunately does not do brunch, but the feta samosas are out of this world
  • Onaki – happy hour mojitos that are so good it makes you forget you’re not dining at a hole-in-the-wall Cuban joint; hold the sushi though – there are better places
  • Tamambo – tapas, wine, live music on weekends, what more could you want?
  • Mediterraneo – disappointingly lacking in Greek or Spanish food, but the excellent Italian menu more than makes up for the misleading name.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg (the great food pyramid?). There’s great Indian and Ethiopian cuisine, a micro-brewery, and even a hibachi place…Who knew we would become foodies in Nairobi?

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  1. Heather D. #

    Dang, you really are making Nairobi enticing to all of your potential visitors! :)

    July 21, 2011
  2. :)

    July 21, 2011

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