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living like kings

S was absolutely convinced from Day 1 that the bed in the master bedroom was not quite a queen, and a queen size bed was what S wanted. She had done her research, emailing D’s predecessor to verify bed size, and had ordered queen size sheets and mattress cover. Only it was impossible that the bed we were given was a queen since it felt just like the full size bed we had in Chicago. We put in an e-service request and a few days later, the warehouse crew showed up with a replacement … that was exactly the same as the one we already had.

S asked if there were no “real” queen size beds, if it would be possible to get a king. Apparently, there were two to be had in the entire GSO (General Services Office) inventory and they were both spoken for. We contemplated ordering a mattress from the U.S. and perhaps even getting a bed frame made here to fit. Somehow, a few days later, the warehouse crew returned with a king size mattress and two twin frames that they lashed together. The irony is that we borrowed a tape measure and it turns out that the original bed was a queen after all! After all that fuss, all S has to say for herself is that we are one of two lucky couples in Nairobi with a luxurious king size bed.

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